Course Description

Welcome to Followup Academy! In this course, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about the Project Management side of our platform. Test your knowledge at the end by taking our 15-question quiz and pass with an 80% or higher to receive your Project Management Certification. Good luck!

Estimated completion time: 30 minutes

Growth Marketer

Courtney Fuller

Courtney Fuller is a Social Media Marketing and PR Professional equipped with over 8 years of experience as a goal-driven, multi-tasking team player. She is a well-rounded social expert with experience in all areas of digital marketing, including social strategy and analytics, reputation management, PPC campaigns, email marketing, copywriting, brand development, and more. Courtney has been the Growth Marketer at Followup CRM since February of 2020, helping with lead generation, brand building, customer delight, and more. She earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree in Communication & Media Studies and Art from Stetson University. When Courtney is not working, you can find her hanging out at the beach, painting, or eating burritos. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Followup CRM Project Management

    • Followup CRM Project Management Course Transcript and Study Guide

    • Introduction

    • How to Take a Signed Contract and Create a New Project Management File

    • Project Management Homepage Overview

    • Project Management Dashboard Overview

    • How to Update Project Management List Based on Contract Type

    • How to Link Project Management Projects

    • How the Cascading Activity Feature Works

    • Followup CRM Project Management Course Quiz